Here's a list of some of our top picks for comics and sites! If you enjoy Turning Point, you'll probably like these!

 See the other brainchild of Turning Point's writer, Bluewax: Bring it On! Productions - a Halo Machinima series with action, comedy, and shit blowing up.

 This webcomic, written and drawn by the fabulous 834n, is a clever and unnerving look at a dark alternate future, where nightmares are reality.

 If you don't think Lei is the crummiest artist in the world, and feel like subjecting yourself to more of her work, here is a short comic-in-progress about a few minstrels plunged into a world of fantasy that's way over their heads.

 The messiah is back. And he's drunk off his arse in a London pub. This hilarious comic tells the story of Claude and his slightly-less-than-ordinary group of teenage friends.
 8:1 is a snarky, cynical gem about urban life, with a lot of references to obscure indie bands. Character driven drama and dry humor fuel this comic. And it has badass cross-hatching.
 The Order of the Stick is unquestionably the best RPG-based comic out there. If you haven't read it, your life is incomplete.
If OotS is the #1 RPG comic, Weregeek is a close second. Remember kids: it's funny because it's true.
Hilarity abounds in this lewd, wicked, and extraordinarily well-drawn tale of 15th century France!

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