Turning Point is a comic about a group of teenagers from the rural, remote town of Row, New Hampshire, who are granted superpowers in a freak accident. Their reactions and abilities run the gamut, but along with the cool ability to shoot fire or read minds comes a price. Something sinister is afoot in Row...

The comic is scripted by Brad Jenkins (Bluewax) and illustrated by Alena Allegretti (Lei). Lei does most of the web upkeep and graphics as well. Much of the comic is inspired by their friends and hometown... with some obvious differences.

Bluewax, in addition to writing comic scripts, writes works of fiction, and screenplays for machinimas, which he also directs. He's a great fan of the gunslinger books by Stephen King, and is very excited about the impending zombie apocalypse.

Lei is an art and history student who likes to start projects and then forget about them to go play World of Warcraft. She loves tabletop gaming, x-men comic books, drawing with charcoal, and B-rated action flicks. This is her third attempt at webcomicking.

This project began in May of 2007.
The first page made it up in July.
Let's hope it stays rolling.

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